Redefining the future of health care in Canada

Insynco Naturopathic removes the guesswork when it comes to your health 

You come first.

Insynco is a response to the depersonalized service we have all experienced. The long clinic wait times, unfriendly office staff, overbooked doctors and that feeling of “not being heard”.  

Insynco is a new approach to patient care. A simple and holistic way to achieve a level of health you never thought possible. Our personalized one-on-one naturopathic care truly gives you what you need to be strong, to thrive, stave off disease and enjoy a better life.


The Insynco Story

It all began when co-founders, Dr. Leah Richardson, a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, and Ben Ghaderian, a serial entrepreneur, came together with a vision to enhance the way Canadians connect and engage in their health care.

The Founders Behind Insynco


Dr. Leah Richardson, ND, BSc.

Naturopathic Doctor & Co-founder

Dr. Leah’s genuine enthusiasm as a healthcare provider is centered on helping people experience the best version of themselves. She has personally coached and consulted with patients from all walks of life — from everyday people to Olympic athletes, TV stars and fortune 500 executives in Toronto.

Her highly-respected reputation has been built on a foundation of trust, innovation and thinking outside the box.

Dr. Leah’s confidence and passion is infectious and absolutely vital to the success of her patients. Above all, her attention to detail ensures no one is left guessing, but that all patients get the support they need, when it’s needed most.

Ben Ghaderian

Co-founder, Director of Operations & Marketing

Ben is a technology-loving entrepreneur who spent the last decade leading a diverse range of projects, in a variety of verticals such as healthcare, real estate, tech and automotive. He currently serves as the Co-founder/Director of Operations & Marketing at Insynco. He is passionate about people, healthy living, and simplifying complex processes.

The diversity of his expertise and his past involvement in several startups has naturally made him a perfect fit for his role at Insynco.


In an effort to restructure the old conventional model and create a brand-new approach, four essential questions had to be answered:

What if...


Health care was primarily focused on educating and empowering patients to prevent disease?


Seeing a doctor was simpler and faster, allowing patients to save time and money?


You could stay connected with your doctor between visits and ask questions when it matters most?


Patients felt more in control of their choices, helping them make better health decisions for themselves and their loved ones?

The outcome was a highly innovative personalized naturopathic service called Insynco, uniquely designed to make healthy living simple and convenient for all Canadians.


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